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tv   ABC7 News 1100AM  ABC  November 6, 2013 11:00am-11:31am PST

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just a throat drop. they're an experience. softish throat drops a try and find out why i'm such a fan of this wonderful product. thanks. female announcer: since 1870. a statewide amber alert for a sunnyvale baby is concentrating on southern california. police say the baby was taken by his 22-year-old father. i'm eric thomas. >> and the baby's frantic mother said the father threatened to leave california with the baby. we're live outside their home in sunnyvale with more. >> reporter: the mother is here at this apartment complex. an argument with the father turned into a threatening test message, a call to police and
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now a statewide amber alert. this man is the father of the baby he's holding in his arms. now he's wanted for abducting the two week old boy. mesut guler drove off with henry at about 4:30 yesterday afternoon. after another argument with the girlfriend and mother of his child over his desire to move to new york. later, he texted his girlfriend, threatening to kill himself and his child if police were notified. >> anybody that threatens their child i would say is a credible threat, anybody is capable of doing anything. >> reporter: guler was last seen driving a tan envoy with a large american eagle on the back window and california license plate 6hil892. caltrans signs are showing that info across the state. police were al to track guler's cell phone signal at about 1:00 this morning in the san diego area. the mother told investigators guler has friends in mexico, but officers don't believe he was
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able to cross the bore dwer. investigators would not comment on his criminal history, but don't believe he is armed. >> we want to recover the child safely, we don't want any harm to occur to him or the child and we want to get the child back into the custody of his mother. but we don't want any harm to occur to him or the child. >> the fbi is involved in the case and so is the santa clara county district attorney's office. the home is someone will spot the car and call 911. matt keller, abc 7 news. san francisco sheriff will hold a news conference this afternoon that could shed new light on miss tear krus death of a missing patient at san francisco general hospital. lynn spaulding's body was found by a building engineer, she had been in the hospital for a bladder infection. but disappeared from her room 2 1/2 weeks earlier. sheriff will speak to the media at city hall about the preliminary findings of their investigation. new developments on a story we brought you on abc 7 morning news. the victim of a shooting in the
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south market area has died. there are reports of victim might have been in a car when they were shot about 5:00 this morning near third and bryant streets. the another vehicle was possibly involved. the area was closed for several hours as investigators combed the scene.victim was rushed to san francisco general but did not survive. new this morning, investigators are trying to determine what sparked a fire a early this morning in the city's richmond district. eight people are displaced after the fire at a nonprofit bookstore. it also damaged a company that arrest arri archives everything on the internet. a teen is facing pain fall skin grafts after he was intentionally set on fire on a transit bus. we're live in berkeley at the victim's high school. amy. >> reporter: yeah, we checked at the high school to see if they have any comment on this. they told us that luke is a very
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good student, but they didn't want to say anymore, no comment out of the respect for the family's pry vast i. but a fund-raiser has been set up and it's doing incredibly well. it was created yesterday and already raised $12,000. and that doubled just this morning. earlier this morning we had checked it and it was at around $6,000. we also have some family photos to show you. the 18-year-old victim is listed in stable condition. he was asleep on the bus when someone set fire to the skirt he was wearing. it happened at about 5:20 monday afternoon in oakland. police did make an arrest. they believe a 16-year-old is to blame. >> the arrest was made in list than 24 hours and that was due to witnesses being involved, staying on scene, providing information that helped investigators and also video surveillance.
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>> reporter: according to the fund-raising page, he'll have surgery today at st. francis hospital in san francisco. oakland police tell me they do have an update on the investigation. a spokeswoman tells me she is typing up that update right now. she refused to tell me the update over the phone in time for this report, so stay with abc 7 news. as soon as that update is released, we will of course report to you. so this story looks like we'll be having more developments within the day. >> amy, thanks a lot. is an carlos police are stepping up patrols along the downtown area after a series of smash and grab auto burglaries monday night. the incidents took place between 6:00 p.m. and 7:30 p.m. on laurel street, cherry street, skyway and el camino. police reminding people to keep items of value out of the car. there could be the largest securities fraud case in state history. he's set to plead guilty in a
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settlement reached last month. we've been covering the case for two years. they were originally accused of stealing $700 million from hundreds of investors. they're now pleading guilty to lesser charges of lewding limited partnerships they either up over the years. they could face ten years in prison. all the votes have been counted and bay area elections where several key issues were decided, in santa clara county, 66% of voters in sunnyvale approved measure c, a gun measure, gun owners will be banned from owning magazines holding more than ten rounds. they will be required to lock up their firearms in their homes and report thefts. gun dealers will also keep a log of all ammunition sales. the nra has threatened to sue. in san francisco, voters soundly defeated both measures that with woo have allowed a high rise condominium complex on washington street near the embarcadero. measure b lost with 62% voting
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no, measure c would have increased height limits for any structure bit built on the site. it was defeated by 67%. in antioch, voters passed a half cent sales tax for more police officers. the sales tax will go up to 9% for seven years starting next april. new this morning, another grilling on capitol hill for kathleen sebelius about the troubled new health care website. abc 7 news reporter live from the newsroom. >> she faced the senate finance committee, a lot of testimony sounds familiar, but she insists things are improving. dozens of government and private personnel have been added to the team and they are constantly diagnosing and fixing problems. >> reporter: you could call it a compliment. max baucus says he believes in the affordable care act. but -- >> months ago i warned if the implementation didn't improve, the marketplaces might struggle. >> reporter: and struggle they have. but the woman behind the launch
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tells senators today problems are being fixed. health and human services secretary kathleen sebelius says people are signing up and with better results. >> a month ago, viewing and filtering health plan s took minutes. today it takes seconds. consumers used to see a blapg screen at the end of the application process. today they see whether they're eligible for financial assistance. >> reporter: and she cites figures for premiums she says are 16% lower than had been estimated. some senators don't see those savings citing millions of americans who have been notified their current policies are going away. >> these insurance cancellation notices are awake up to the american public even ones who initially support the law. it's hurting the economy, it's actually making health insurance less affordable. >> reporter: republican senator orrin hatch calls president obama's promise that people can keep their current plans simply untrue. >> on october 30th, it
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represents the highest level of untruthfulness. >> and president obama is on the road today promoting the federal insurance marketplace. in just a few minutes, he boards air force one headed to an event in texas. the state with the highest rate of uninsured americans. >> katie, thank you. in our state, you can access the health insurance marketplace, we have the link for you on our website along with very valuable other information. just which i cclick on-scene on. there is a hear to go look into delays in unemployment benefit caused by a glitch in a computer system upgrade 37 the insurance committee will examine why the upgrade project thousands without their benefit checks. they also want to know how software issues massive cost overruns impact the state budget. just ahead, the male health risk now found after men take
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testosterone supplements. and senior class pride at one high school goes into hiding. why some students are afraid to wear their class sweat shirts. and what is being done at a local university to help stop this? more cuts could be coming. plus a live shot outside san francisco. we're seeing here how the weather will shape up. a little bit warmer. mike will have the ful
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a meeting is taking place at san jose state university to address proposed class cuts. our media partner reports the university is ordering department heads to reduce the number of classes inned to balance the budget. this caught many professors off guard. one says she was told last thursday to cut $55,000 or 20 classes out of her department. the school says it was on track to overspend by $3.8 million this year. critics want to know why this is happening even after voters approved proposition 30 which promised relief from such cuts. the cal state university board in long beach plans to ask for $100 million more in budget funds than proposed for this year. in sacramento county, a sweat shirt controversy has administrators promising a refund and parents saying keep the money, just change the sweater. this revolves around the roman numerals xiv.
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they represent 14 for the class of 2014. but some parents say those numbers have a keeper meaning. 14 is often associated with a sgan gang. >> the individuals did not know about the connection. >> that's bologna. really? i mean, they even know. >> the sacramento sheriff's gang unit notified the school of the possible gang connection. school officials say they are notifying parents about it and offering a refund. starbucks is kicking off a new initiative to helplauf laun hire 10,000 veterans and spouses over the next ten years. veteran s often have a hard tim
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translating their skills. starbucks will thank current service members on monday by offering them free coffee. san francisco pay twitter is expected to set the price for its shares today ahead of tomorrow's initial public offering. expected to begin trading between $23 and $25 a share sometime tomorrow morning. at $25 a share, twitter would raise $1.75 billion. large institution apbankers including pension funds, mutual funds and hedge will funds get the first priority during the ipo. it will trade under the symbol twtr. mike is ahead with the forecast. >> and we're up on the roof. good morning, everybody. looking at a different sky. there is a little more haze, a little more high cloudiness. and that means changes are on the way. i'll give you an update on the cooling trend and also the rain possible for veterans day.
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and who gets dibs on owning a piece of the stick? and dangerous health effec
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demolishing the old bay bridge. the contract to is still working on a way to contain all the debris. the work will now most likely begin in a week. it involves removing 1400 feet of the old bridge. next year, crews will take down the seal and that involves
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cutting a capitn't candy leaver in half. testosterone treatment could lead to higher risk of heart attacks, stroke and even death. researchers found men who use testosterone were 30% more likely to have a heart attack, stroke or die. doctors say this doesn't prove tess to ter rope causes those problems, but they say men need to consider all the risks and benefits of taking testosterone. treatments have skyrocketed in recent years to treat everything from low sex drive to fatigue. exercise is the solution. >> that's how you get fatigued. check in now with mike for a look at our forecast. >> up on the roof. >> and good morning, yeah, the warm sunshine is making me sleepy. it's a great day to be outside. taking a look around, flags are flying a little better than they were yesterday when we hardly had any wind. we do have a little bit of a
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breeze out here and high clouds. a few radar returns up to our north. they won't drop any rain in our neighborhoods, but they do show you the difference between yesterday and today. temperature-wise, we're pretty close. most of us in the low to mid-60s right now. we're already 68 in san ramon, liver moor livermore 69, half moon bay about 57 degrees. here is a look at our other roof cam bolooking to the south. high cloud, warmer than average. the sea breeze starts tomorrow, you know when the water comes off the 50 degree ocean water and winds come off the water, we'll see cooler weather and that will be the case all the way through the next system, that will bring us a chance of rain on veterans day and possibly into tuesday next week. san jose, you have high clouds, but looks gorgeous. heading out, temperature will top out at about 74 degrees this
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afternoon. 73 oakland. napa 75. san francisco, 70. all those temperatures about 3 to 7 degrees warmer than average. and you can enjoy that warm sunshine through about 5:06, that's when the sun sets today. let's take a look at what's going on upstairs. you see a couple areas of high pressure and notice the blue, that is the jet stream. it's to our north, to our east. high pressure call it a dwirtity high because there are clouds associated with it, they're rolling over the top of the high pressure. it's underneath where we're getting the offshore wind and that's what's bringing us the warm weather today. we're all low to mid-70s just about everywhere. 70 in san francisco. 73 oakland. palo alto 74. napa 75. you head a little bit further inland, 76 antioch, fairfield. 68 eventually in half moon bay. tonight won't be quite as cool. we'll go for about 43 in san
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francisco. let me give you an idea what will happen tomorrow. notice the green. it has plenty of rain with it, but it's all going to move to the east with a jet stream. notice it falling apart as it moves in to california. the storm passes us to the north, but it is close enough that it brings the sea breeze in and that's why we start cooling tomorrow and then jump ahead to sunday, the sea breeze is there, cloudiness is there, and eventually the rain starts to move in monday which is unfortunate because there will be outdoor activities. of course join us monday morning, i'll let you know where it's raining and where it will go during the day. as far as leading up to that, we'll drop about 2 to 4 degrees every day until we're below average starting saturday through late next week. another warm day, hopefully you get a chance to get out and enjoy. tomorrow back to average and the rest of the forecast, cooler than average. have a good day. back to you. >> mike, thanks a lot.
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49ers season is not even close to being over, but the first piece of candlestick is already up for sale. season ticket holders get first dibs at buying two seats for $649. seats are only sold in sets of two and proceeds benefit san francisco youth programs. up next, a
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everyone deserves ooey, gooey, pillsbury cinnamon rolls. to those who've been waiting welcome to covered california. the place to find quality, affordable coverage, and nobody can be denied because of a pre-existing condition. enroll today at come up at 4:00, she's a mother and author and her brother runs facebook, but i may be surprised about what she says about being connected. and a group has a new target. the billion dollar project now in the crosshairs. the stars will be out tonight and we're not talking about the celestial kind. we're talking country. >> the country music awards will air tonight on abc 7. two of the biggest hit makers
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brad paisley and carrie underwood will co-host together for the sixth year. >> what makes them so in sync and fun to watch? >> we're completely willing to make fun of us. if you can't laugh at yourself, that would just not be good. i wouldn't want to go through life without laughing at myself. >> i left my heart in san francisco. is that country enough? >> pretty country. >> you can catch it tonight at 8:00 right here on abc 7:00. and, yes, she did ask brad paisley to do that song country-f ied. >> thanks for joining us.
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